The alliance between precious stones and rare metals is the basis of LACINO, a unique alliance, and emeritus jeweler and leatherworker unveiling a range of niche products.
The house offers two very distinct ranges, maintaining the same line of conduct.


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MAISON LACINO highlights the evolution of a fabric accessory by transforming it into a precious jewel through its design, its originality, its finesse and its materials.

The diamonds in the bow tie are GIA certified.

Designed as an “Art Object”, it is paired with a unique full-grain calfskin collar.

The men's leather goods collection

The collection of men's leather goods made of full-grain calfskin meets “Metal free” environmental standards.

The colors are worked in the laboratory to obtain lively, unique and deep ones.

The goal is to offer custom colors according to customers and their exceptional vehicles.

We offer quality buckles and we also offer options such as carbon fiber, rare metal and/or jeweled buckles.

MAISON LACINO insists on the fact that its products are the result of quality manufacturing, in terms of craftsmanship and accessories.

The house also emphasizes the need to have products that comply with environmental standards with certified products.


The outer skins and linings from huge Italian tanneries are certified metal-free (eco-environment).

We take care of our skins by following specific treatments and procedures for the environment, without altering this noble product so that it is attractive, light and has a unique touch.

We take care of our skins by following a natural pigmentation treatment to let the leather breathe

We have opted for a minimum waste policy. Waste is collected and not incinerated. All skin cuts are optimized and almost all waste is reused to make small articles, new articles or to make stocks of leather inserts which will come to decorate our products.


MAISON LACINO assumes its responsibilities as a retailer to ensure regulatory compliance of all products sold, in all countries where the company operates. The main activity which makes it possible to respect this commitment, the monitoring and validation of products from a regulatory point of view, is carried out at two levels:

The annual update of product specifications (CDC) takes into account all the results of regulatory monitoring. These CDCs include compliance with the most demanding product regulations in the world (all countries to which MAISON LACINO exports products). Generally, European regulations are the most demanding, although this is not always the case.

All products are tested (internally and/or externally), in qualified laboratories, on

technical criteria and according to the standards described in the product specifications.


MAISON LACINO is committed to launching ecological initiatives which will evolve over the years according to the standards in force, whether in our design offices, in our workshops and laboratories and tanneries in France and Italy.

The unique use of full-grain calf leather shows the premium quality of our products.

It is tanned in a responsible and environmentally friendly way: all our scrap leather is recycled and reused to create small accessories and inserts.

We work to respect the environment and its users.


Full-grain calfskin and the combination of products.

The quintessence of LACINO leather know-how, the collection opens a new page in the history of the alliance between the automobile and man. A different kind of leather goods whose elegance plays on the transparency of the raw materials. The result is the fruit of a work of several years of experience between tanning, shaping and laboratories but above all the experience of the eye and the touch of man.